February 8, 2011

All NFL Superbowl XLV Commercials 2011

Here is every commercial playing during the NFL Superbowl. A great list of adverts for the final game. Enjoy these ads and comment which one is your favorite!  Or even which advertisement you liked the least.

Budweiser commercial

Kim Kardashian's sexy ad for Shape-ups

Little Darth Vader for Volkswagen

A posh prison for Audi (not Kenny G advert)

Snickers (watch it quick before they remove it from YouTube) 

Eminem for Chrysler in Detroit

E-Trade Baby

Monkey Magic at Career Builder

Ozzy Osborne, Sharon Osborne and Justin Bieber for Best Buy

Bumblebee for GM Chevy

Plastic/Cartoon Eminem for Brisk

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1 comment:

Torkona said...

these are pretty much all gold. I think I hate the transformers one the most. hope I got 'em all for bLErg-sta!