March 9, 2011

Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody Parody in pictures

brought to you by bLErg, a site of funny shit

(except for the last 12 when people gave up hehe) 


Nooster said...

hehe they are very amusing Tork :) I love the cheap buy one, thats great!

Dude I shall have to put your email address in my funnies list.. I get a few funnies come thru email and I usually pass them on to all my friends.. 'Tis a nice funny pick me up for those in need of a laugh :)

funnybLErg said...

yuo can subscribe via RSS or email via the buttons top left.

you can also follow on facebook by clicking the like button top right.

any of these will make you see every post that is posted!

John A.S. said...

omg i really laughed my ass off man! brilliant pictures between them!